New Ways to Get Leads

My company has been looking for new ways to get leads ever since we acquired more employees after a merger. A merger between my firm and another nearby firm has brought together some of the brightest minds in our industry. We’re sharing resources, and we’re sharing clients. Our teams are highly trained, and the customer service skills our team members utilize in their jobs are above average. We have a high retention rate for customers that choose to do business with us, and our biggest competitor has joined with us in this merger, so we don’t have much trouble in business. Our own problem is finding more work to keep our employees happy.

Running a company is satisfying when everything runs smoothly. My people look to me and a few other leaders when things go wrong. When we run low on leads, people start getting nervous. I can tell when I walk onto the floor of our office whether or not we have a lot of business happening at the moment. If we have plenty of leads now, the phones will be ringing nonstop. Some people do a bulk of their work on the internet these days, and many of my best employees prefer to send emails and text messages. However, the phone that is ringing is still a sign that business is booming.

We’ve been able to keep leads coming in to keep our team happy with their volume of work. We haven’t had to make the cutbacks on personnel that we initially feared when the merger started. We had an initial round of layoffs to get rid of employees that we didn’t need when the merger took place. After that initial round of layoffs, we told everyone that their jobs were going to be safe with our company. Our employees seem to believe us because only a few of the old employees left to find another job when the merger took place.

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We’ve been implementing two strings of marketing strategies. These two separate strings of strategies are coming from two different sources. Since there were two groups of people in charge of marketing for new leads before the merger, we decided to keep those groups the same until the first year is over. When the first year is over, we might decide to redistribute roles within our company. My main source of leads for our company comes from an Accounting Firm Email Newsletter Platform Provider. This source helped us get leads before the merger, and it’s proving useful today.

Both strings of marketing strategies have been relatively successful in getting new leads for our team. The other group is using a combination of direct marketing with flyers and telephone calls to potential customers. We’re able to cover a lot of ground within our industry by using our method to talk to as many possible customers as possible. Using different types of marketing strategies is our way of diversifying our attempt to gain recognition within our industry.