Why Businesses Aren’t As Bad As You Think


depending on how Amazon collects, stores, analyses and retrieve the stored report of a person , may be used as a way to define big data, this is putting in consideration that data will always vary from one situation to the other. in order to explain the after collection of data by Amazon, the government, uses different technologies, this is because a lot of information may be gathered but only the important one will be considered appropriate.

In the presence of internet access worldwide big data will still be available, this is because big data depends on internet to analyze and store the information thereby explaining that there will always be data to analyse. Due to their skills in analyzing important information Amazon is among the most performing and successful e-commerce website we have around.

velocity is highly enhanced in big data era as compared with how things were being done in the past, since people were used to batching processing to update their databases which were done weekly or at night unlike in the big data that debase update is usually done in real time basis.

complex Structured data, semi-structured data, structured data is what most organizations are making nowadays, unlike in the past where organization mostly developed structured data only. This being the case in the recent times it is essential to find a way on how all this kind of information will not only be stored but will also be processed and retrieved when needed, and that’s where big data comes in. It is always good when your supplier knows what you rely want, this gives one a satisfaction that a close contact exists between him and his supplier , now Amazon helps this with the use of analytical software which not only helps to determine the nearest warehouse to a customer but also helps in developing delivery schedules and products groping.

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with the help of machine learning algorithms, Amazon can maximize their adverts by ensuring that their customers get the adverts that are only relevant to the maybe sites they visit or product they want to purchase all other adverts are filtered. Due to the fact that Amazon big data depends highly on internet site visit, it’s able to optimize on price of a product, by using data analytics its ready to know when to reduce sales of a given product to make more purchases, in fact, amount of a product can change more than five times in a day.

For direct feedback to those doing marketing using real-time call tracking, Reba software may be used. Customers can be used by one to improve the product of a particular product since they are the user before joining Amazon.